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Shih Tzu

Fast Facts about Shih Tzu

Do you love puppies? If yes, then you should consider keeping Shih Tzu. This is a popular dog breed which is quite unique. It comes with various features that are exclusive to it. These features make it special and a perfect dog to be kept as a pet. However, many people do not know much about this dog breed. It is imperative to learn the most remarkable aspects of Shih Tzu especially if you have plans of keeping it in your house. This will help you to know how you should handle her and make her the best pet. Shih Tzu dogs can suffer with certain health issues but if you find a good Shih Tzu health insurance plan it will save you from big vets bills.

For starters, Shih Tzu is a type of dog bred that looks like a toy. This dog is therefore perfect for people who love toys. A full grown Shih Tzu dog weighs approximately 7.25kgs. It is a relatively small-sized breed. Another important aspect of this dog is that it comes with lengthy silky hair. This hair makes the dog extremely beautiful. The breed was first discovered in Asian countries especially China. It was officially identified by the popular American Kennel Club back in 1969. The name Shih Tzu is in singular as well as plural. It is a Chinese word than stands for a "lion dog".

The main aim of breeding this dog was to create a dog breed that resembles a lion. Some people refer to this dog breed as the "Tibetan Lion Dog". The dog has a small muzzle and big dark eyes. In addition, it comes with a spongy and extended double coat. This puppy is approximately 26.7 cm. Her drop ears have long fur. Shih Tzu also has a heavily furred tail which is carried over her back. Her hair coat comes in a variety of colors including white, brown, black, brindle red, and many more. Another noticeable feature of this dog is the under bite.